5 Essential Apps to Increase Productivity

  • By Team Mosspaper
  • 01 Jun, 2015

We’ve all been there - sat at the office desk with a to-do list as long as your arm without a strategy on how to complete each task. Things start rolling in the office with constant phone calls and other disruptions. Before you know it, the day is gone and your to-do list has hardly changed. The results? Taking work home and having to work all night to catch up on your work. This type of behavior can negatively affect your business. Being productive and efficient requires more deliberate time management. The idea is to work smart, not hard! Take advantage of modern technology to increase your effectiveness in, and outside, the office.

Listed below are 5 essential Apps to increase productivity:

1) Evernote

Regarded as the world’s most widely-used productivity app. Evernote is one of the most effective methods to capture notes, documents and even pictures that you would like to get access to either on your smartphone, tablet or desktop. This app is ideal for office workers. No matter where you are, you can use this app to jot down ideas, and once you get to the office (provided you have the app on your desktop) it would sync automatically, allowing you to continue to write in the same file. If you would like to increase productivity and get your notes organized, then Evernote will be a good choice.

2) Google Docs

While Google Docs has been around for a long time, it was only recently that it has been upgraded, making the App a highly effective tool. The newer editions for your Android phone and tablet is free to use. Google docs enables users to create, edit and work together with others on documents. In addition, Google Docs allows you to share documents and work together with others in the same document at the same time. You can finish projects without an internet connection. You can even save Microsoft documents and the best part about this app is that you will never have to be concerned about losing your work, everything is automatically saved as you type.

3) Join.me

This productivity app is a simple online screen-sharing tool, which makes meeting with clients and coworkers a bit better. Join.me is an user-friendly online meeting tool that was designed in a simple way and is very affordable, for this reason everyone in the organization can own an account. It’s great for sales demos, creating ideas, external presentations, and business meetings. To log in, just simply use a code that the meeting host provides you and you’re ready to go. You are able to communicate via phone or internet, chat, and share your computer screen. This software is designed to promote collaboration which means you can be more productive in what you need to do.

4) Basecamp

If you need to get projects done, then Basecamp is the best option. Basecamp is super easy to use. Basecamp, although regarded as a “project management” tool, it has now turned into an effective “collaboration” tool as well. If you need a tool to better communicate, organize and record what projects are of importance, Basecamp is the best collaboration tool. It’s a client project oriented tool. So, you’re able to create projects and add task lists as well as assign people to these tasks. You have the ability to track time on Basecamp so you can easily log in time associated with any project you have. There are still plenty of other features that Basecamp offer to help increase productivity and help you manage your time.

5) Mosspaper

For a small business that need to send our quotes, estimates, and contracts to clients, Mosspaper can assist with your business endeavors to improve your overall operations. When you’re on the go, we can easily create a quote or contract for your client instead of waiting until you’re back in the office. You can send it via email and track it on your dashboard. The client can sign and make a payment on the quote and contract instantly. No need to chase down paperwork, signatures or payment. Mosspaper facilitates the entire process from beginning to end, making use of this quote and contract management tool. Users only need to log in and begin tracking their documents instantly. In addition, all client and user activity is logged within the app to reduce confusion and misunderstandings.

These apps can easily help increase productivity in any business. With overwhelming pressures to stay ahead as a small business, it’s important to manage your time better and smarter. Instead of putting in long hours or pack more into your already-full calendar, just take a step back and look at the tools currently available to help you work more efficiently.

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By Team Mosspaper 26 Jun, 2017

With so many online resources, yоur customers has a lot of information about your business before they decide to become your customer. It can be a lengthy process and a bit more complex than ѕіmрlу saying; "I need tо purchase something and I know precisely from who". 

The customer buying cycle is defined in 3 steps. First, you have awareness which can be described as the moment the customer sees your product while there is a need for it. Second, there is moment of consideration where they are evaluating your product or services for a possible purchase. Lastly, the final step is purchase, where the buyer makes a purchase.

Here are some ways to market to these buyers:

1) Awareness

Having an online presence such as a website that describes your product and services will help your buyer find you. It’s always good to have testimonials to provide credibility as well as recommendations through sites such as yelp or google business.

2) Consideration

When your customer has found you,  it’s best to introduce your product as a solution to a problem the buyer may be having. The buyer is trying to see if your offering can meet their challenges and how you will be doing it.

Having a quote or contract that describes your methodology with a breakdown of costs associated with how you will be address their needs will be beneficial at this stage. describe the value the buyer will be receiving if they choose you as a vendor and include reviews or customer references.  

3) Purchase

The buyer is ready to be your customer. If the customer requires more time, you should consider giving them a discount or coupons.  Having a simply way for them to agree to your terms through electronic signature and payments will be helpful to ensure you close the deal quickly.

By Team Mosspaper 14 Jun, 2017

Successful businesses maintain good habits and it is one of the reasons why they managed to be where they are now. Habits they have picked along the way, such as good   contract management , has helped them get to where they are at the moment and take their business to the next level. The bad news is that there are small businesses that don’t have any good habits at all. The good news is that they can start changing their attitude and practices in order to develop good habits.


In a highly competitive landscape, it’s important and vital to make sure you ensure good habits are enforced so your business continues to thrive. Here are some good habits that can help small businesses include:


1)   Focusing Your energy

To ensure you utilize every minute and hour of each day, it’s important to learn how to focus on the most rewarding tasks. Take care of the low hanging fruits first. Review your list of things to do and evaluate which task you can do now that will bring forth the most value to your customers and team. Give each task a percentage of impact and ask yourself what are the top 3 things I can do that will benefit my business the most.


2)   Prioritize

Ask yourself what is the most important thing you need to do today in order to set a foundation for your business. It’s always important to think about how something can help you to increase revenue or reduce your operating cost. The vital part of any business to knowing when you should create a strategy for long term goals while balancing short term objectives. Most businesses have 3-5 simple objectives they want to accomplish each quarter. Everything else you do should coincide with those objectives. Never lose sight of the goals you have set out for yourself. Once you have a goal in place, work each day to get closer to those goals.


Having ways to measure performance or data analytics in your business helps you prioritize your business. Based on that data, you can start to formulate patterns and understand what works and what doesn’t. Focus on what works and continue to improve business workflow to ensure your success.


3)   Create Task and Execute

With each of your goals or objectives, it’s essential to follow through to ensure long-term success. Most of the time a goal has a few steps in between until it’s completed. Write it all down. Sometimes, it helps to work backwards if there are dates involved. Write down and revise as needed. With each task, you get closer and closer to where you want to be.


The use of software to streamline task and follow up is very useful in situations where there are a lot of repetitive, mundane work. Try to look for solutions like Mosspaper, a quote and contract management platform, to help you execute your business goals in a more orderly fashion. Mosspaper focuses on different aspects of your business such as operations, finance, and sales. With built-in workflows, it helps you consolidate the management of your team’s workload all in one platform.


4)   Positive Mindset

Being happy and having a positive mental outlook can help with any situation. It is always said that you don’t have control with external factors, but you do have control over how you handle situations. With positive thinking regardless of what you are going through, you will continue to work through situations and reach your goals. A great attitude for success and having gratitude can go a long way.  If you understand what you’re trying to achieve and have patience with the process, you will be ahead of the rest.


It’s important to have good habits to succeed as an entrepreneur or small business owner. There are many different ways to get to where you want to be. Having disciplined habits can make or break your company as you face the challenges limited time and resources on a daily basis. Working smarter is always better.

By Team Mosspaper 12 Jun, 2017

For any interior designer, being able to provide accurate and effective sales quotes to your clients can be one of the best ways to drum up recurring business. When you are able to give your clients something that they can actually understand and feel comfortable with paying, you give off a far more professional approach and style. However, being able to give quotation services that are accurate and detailed can be quite tricky, and for many interior designers it can be easier to just stick to the basics. Here are some of the best ways that you can start changing your mindset and increasing the quality of work that you provide by using a value-based quotation system.

Here are some of the best ways that you can start changing your mindset and increasing the quality of work that you provide by using a value-based quotation system.

1) Provide a Work Summary

It’s always important to make sure that your clients are able to get a summary of the upcoming job so they can always refer to what is going to be taking place. This will be a list of goals that are to be achieved throughout the process; include key benefits within the work summary and an overall price of the job as a well. Dealing with part of any quote management system can be tough for an interior designer, but looking for software packages that help you manage this – for example, we recommend checking out Mosspaper – can be a massively beneficial way to keep things flowing.


2) Include Suggestions

One thing that always helps your clients out is to give them easy feedback and suggestions as to what they could improve moving forward; by having this within the quotation you are providing a bit more authority and helping them see things they maybe would have missed themselves. This helps to build extra trust between you both and makes your sales quotes a bit different to the rest.


3) Itemize Your Pricing

You need to make sure that your clients are able to see why the price is the way it is. If you can give them a fully itemized list to help them see what their money is paying for, the quote will feel far more authentic. Some designers aren’t comfortable doing this, but it’s an absolute must. Again, Mosspaper can help you do this. The administrative side of the software is excellent and will make creating references to items being used on the job so much easier.


4) Include Terms & Conditions

You always need to have the right legal information included with a quotation – especially in something as expensive and serious as interior design. Please make sure that your quote includes the terms and conditions section so the clients really understands what is required of them. Mosspaper can help you audit track all documents like this so you can be sure that the client reads and agrees to everything that is mention on the sales quote.


5) Provide References

Lastly, make sure that you provide some kind of reference to your potential client with a quote. This adds such an extra layer of value to proceedings and will really go a long way to help you become a favored option for the job. If you want to benefit from getting more work and the best kind of jobs, then working towards a value-based quotation system can be the best way to go.


As an small business, it's important to make sure you provide customers with the right information in an organized matter. It makes it 10 times easier on you in the end. Thus, it's imperative to provide your customer with a value-based quote when you start working with them. Professionalism, attention to detail, and thoroughness goes a long way.

By Team Mosspaper 24 May, 2017
Here are some feature highlights:

1) Favoriting

Reduce the creation time of a quote or contract by 50% with favoriting. You can now add any quote or contract to your favorites by clicking the heart icon.  Your favorites are saved to the "favorites" folder so you can easily find them again. You can categorize all your templates by creating different collections and saving as many documents as you like to be reused. 
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