How It Works

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Create professional looking quotes and contracts


Creating a quote

With the simple creator tool, you can easily put together a quote or contract in 5 mins.  Include the details of all the products and services you will be providing to your customer. 

Send and Sign

An email with a secure URL quote or contract link will be sent to your customer. Upon opening the link, your customer can easily approve the quote or contract via digital signature. 
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Once the quote or contract is approved, a payment window will appear with a minimum amount needed to start the project. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does my customer sign the quote or contract?

Your customer can use a mouse or their fingertip to sign for a quote/contract via email or in person. 

Who can use Mosspaper? Who uses Mosspaper?

Anyone who sends out a quote or contract to a customer can use Mosspaper. We have a wide range of customer from architects to web site designers.

Does my customer need to sign up for Mosspaper too?

No, your customer does not need to sign up for Mosspaper in order to view the quote or contract. 

How is the quote or contract delivered to my customer?

We provide your customer a secure URL via email to sign the document.  The quote or contract will show up as a web page. 

What type of payment will my business be able to accept?

Through Stripe integration, your business can accept all major debit and credit cards.

How do I create a quote? How will a sample look like?

You can learn how to create a quote here and view what it will look like. 

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