Examples- Quotes

Getting Started with Quote Creation

While every sales quote will contain a list of the things the customer will have to pay for, you can go beyond that and provide a convincing reason as to why they should buy from you as opposed to somebody else. 

Step 1: Add Quote Details
  • Create a descriptive title 
  • Have an expiration date to protect your business from customers who want you to honor pricing at a later date
  • Have a clear and concise description with a mission statement and what you will be providing

Step 2: Add Items

Product and Services items should include your design process. 
  • Add the product and services in sequential series of steps 
  • Include details like duration, hours, or personnel
  • Include the price of the service or product with a clear description of what you will be doing

Step 3: Add Terms and Notes

In your terms and notes, it's important to include: 
  • When payment is due (e.g., usually the date of service, unless other arrangements have been made in advance)
  • What forms of payment your practice accepts (e.g., personal checks, debit cards, credit cards)
  • Here are some term examples

Step 4: Add Attachments

Lastly, include an additional information such as a data sheet, images or sketches.

Your Final Quote

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