Introducing Mosspaper for Microsoft Outlook 
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Empowering Small Businesses to Be More Productive 
Simple Tool within Outlook for Microsoft Office 365

Add a new contact through Outlook
With just one click, instantly add new customer contacts complete with a description from incoming emails. 
Create and send a quote or contract
You can easily generate a quote or contract to be sent to your customer for an electronic signature without leaving Outlook.
Automatic tag on Outlook contacts

Mosspaper tags new customers as being added from Outlook so you know where the contact information came from.  
Quick access to a quote or contract status

By clicking on a customer’s incoming email, you will instantly know where the customer is in the sales process. 
Save important email messages 

You can save incoming email messages to any open quote or contract associated that customer's contact information.

Reference important email threads

With every saved email message, Mosspaper references the message with its original email to help you manage your business better. 
Do more with simple tools
Download the Outlook Add-In and use Mosspaper for free!

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Reduce your cost of doing business with optimized tools
Mosspaper offers a single, unified workspace to help you run your business without any complications, additional downloads or installation. There are no extra costs or fees associated with the use of this product.

Improve your productivity with Outlook Ribbons
Mosspaper Outlook Desktop version offers a quick and easy way for you to create a quote or contract. As soon as you download the add-in, you can begin using it with just a single click! 
Manage customer expectations with centralized communication

Mosspaper gives you the ability to save important messages, allowing you to store critical information about any customer project or gig in a centralized area. 
Simple way to do business
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