Getting Started with Contract Creation

It’s important to know how to write a solid, legally-binding contract that will clearly explain what will be completed.

Check out our contract examples for best practices. Find out how to set your business apart.

Step 1: Contract Details

Here are some tips for creating contracts: 
  • Be specific in your title and description
  • Include the duration of your contract so both parties know when the project will start and end
  • Have a clear and concise description about the solution you are providing and requirements for the project 

Step 2: Adding Items

Product and Services items should include your design process. 
  • Outline everything that is required to complete this job
  • What each step entails and who is responsible
  • Include details like the number of hours or personnel

Step 3: Terms and Notes

For the terms and notes section, here are some tips: 
  • Included charges for amendments to the service agreement
  • Incorporate any billing schedules and what type of payment you will accept
  • Add any company policies to protect your business and the services being rendered


Step 4: Add Attachments

Lastly, include an additional information such as a data sheet, images or sketches.


Your Final Contract

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