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Use Case for Catering

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Catering Service For Birthday Event

Natalie's birthday was about 3 months away so she decided to throw a big party for the occasion. For this occasion, she decided that she wanted to have some food catered, as well as some event set-up. Upon looking for a venue, her friend had recommended that she look into Sky Blue Catering.
Sky Blue Catering is a family owned and operated full-service custom catering company in the Bay Area. With 30 years of experience in the food and catering business, they have a proven track record as the best catering choice for any event.
Natalie decided to schedule an initial meeting with Sky Blue Catering to discuss her requirements. She had a very clear idea of what she wanted for her event and wanted to see if Sky Blue Catering could execute her vision.

Time for a Soiree

During Natalie's meeting with Sky Blue Catering, they were able to figure out how many people to expect, where the event would be held, and details about the venue. With a full meal and simple hor d'oeuvres in mind, Natalie and the caterers discussed the appropriate budget and theme. After meeting with Sky Blue Catering, Natalie knew that they were the best fit for what she needed, although their rates were slightly higher than other competitors.
Jennifer from Sky Blue Catering proceeded to create a quote in Mosspaper. She created two quotes. One was a flat rate and the other was an hourly rate. That way Natalie could figure out what she would like to do. Jennifer included all the details of the event from beginning to end and worked with Natalie to build the perfect menu to suit her needs. Sky Blue Catering treats every event as a brand new project and it was reflected in the quote.
In the quote, Natalie had the option to switch from an hourly rate contract to a flat fee at any time, as well the ability to change or approve the menu before it is final and before anything starts.

Ready to Finalize the Event

Once Jennifer was done with the quotes in Mosspaper, she was able to send it directly to Natalie via email. She also attached some elements like napkins, glassware, and tablecloths to match the menu, theme, and budget for her review. She was able to check the status of the quotes using Mosspaper at any time.
The quote gave Natalie a sense of peace because she didn't know what to expect. The quote was sent to Natalie for her final review. She reviewed the quote and felt happy with the final pricing and approved the quote digitally. Jennifer from Sky Blue Catering was able to review the signed quote and saw the time and date stamp of when the quote was approved within Mosspaper.
Natalie worked closely with Jennifer to figure out how they would manage this project and finalize all the event preparations. On the big day, Sky Blue Catering took care of the delivery and preparations. Managing food for a large event was demanding work, and everything was executed on time and professionally.
Natalie was happy with the outcome of the event, while Jennifer from Sky Blue Catering was very happy to use Mosspaper to streamline the whole quote creation process, as well as enable her clients to provide her e-signatures for the events in the pipeline. She was able to reuse some of the information from previous quotes, which made the process much easier and allowed her to create quotes in a shorter amount of time, as well as track the status of all her quotes.
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