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Use Case for
Corporate Cleaning Services

Tracking A Quote

Quote & Contract Management

A Clean Office

MKC, Inc is a small investment firm with a few employees and an office with about 6 conference rooms. The owner, James, wants ensure the cleanliness of his office. He decides to find a dependable professional cleaning service.

CleanMachine is a professional cleaning service company working in the beautiful city of San Jose for the last 17 years. Owned by Barbara, the cleaning service caters their service to all types of residential and commercial projects. They have competitive pricing and try to ensure the best customer satisfaction possible.

MKC, Inc found Clean Machine on yelp with raving reviews so he decided to contact the business get more information. Barbara receives the email and decides to call James to get a better understanding of what his needs are. While on the phone, they discussed rates and what can be accomplished in the time allocated for the cleaning.

James decides that he wanted to try out the service before he locks himself into anything. He asked for MKC to come in and do two cleanings sessions starting next week for a month. Barbara creates him a quote in Mosspaper.

Creating A Quote

She proceeds to add James as a customer in Mosspaper. Based on the conversation they had, she was able to collect valuable information about James and his business, which provides her more insight into her entire customer base. She logs in how he found her business, his location, industry, web site address, and tagged him as a potential client in Mosspaper so her team knows that he is a new customer.

Barbara proceeds to create a quote. She made sure she captured the requirements he had, the type of service he was looking for, the frequency and number of employees she needed to have on site. She includes references and case studies as attachments in the quote so he can reference her past clients.

She sends the quote to James via email through Mosspaper.  From the creation of the quote to the actual approval, Mosspaper manages the workflow and ensures Barbara has visibility to the status of the quote. When a customer views, signs, approves, rejects, approves, or provides comments, Mosspaper tracks the whole process in one centralized area.

James receives a cover letter email that provides a quick summary of MCK and a quote summary for his review. A URL link is provided on the email to take James to a secure SSL site where he can view, sign and provide payment for the services being presented.

Upon receiving the quotes, James had some comments to make and wanted to change the days in which Barbara's team would come into his office. He is able to make comments on the quote. Barbara receives the comments via email alerts and goes into the quote to modify it. When the quote is edited, it sent to James with all the revisions. Barbara sends him a message in the comment box so he knows the changes have been added to the quote. James now has the new quote.

He reviews the quote to ensure everything is documented and clicks on the “approve” button. A pop-up box prompts him to fill out his name, email address, digital signature, and payment information. Upon completion, James is sent an order confirmation.

Upon receiving the payment, Barbara sends James a contract for the duration of the services being offered. He receives another email notification of the new contract with a link for her to review. James reviewed the contract and agreed on the terms. Upon clicking on the "Approved" button on the contract page, a pop-up appeared where James can put his name, full email address and sign digitally.

Tracking A Quote

Barbara is able to track all this in Mosspaper. She is notified when the quote and contract is approved. When she goes into the quote and contract, she can view the signature and audit history.

She gives the signed quote to her team to schedule the employees for this project. Once the contract is in place, the system's built in workflow will send out notifications about the expiring contract so she doesn’t need to worry about follow up. This improves the renewal sale of an existing contract and enables her to track all upcoming contracts that are expiring.

Often times without a database of existing customers, a renewal is missed or it becomes too time consuming follow up. Even worse is if Barbara doesn't know when the contract ends. So, with Mosspaper when a contract is expiring, email notifications are sent out to customers so they are notified. They can easily send a customer a new renewal contract and get their signature digitally with payment options.

Mosspaper's quote and contract management platform ensures quality customer data during the customer life cycle. It's not just one piece of the process, but the entire big picture view so a business owner can provide better customer service and ensure customer retention. The recurring business is what keeps any business going and thriving.

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