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Mosspaper for Home Improvement professionals. Mosspaper helps you Create, Sign, Track, and Accept Quotes & Contracts.

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Online Signature and Tracking


Granite tiles are the way to go

A new customer, Mary Johnson wants to remodel her bathroom with granite tiles. Her home is about 30 years old and has not been renovated since she moved in. She is ready to make the investment now. She wants to work with contractors she can trust to be in her home that can install the titles in a timely and professionally manner.

Golden Contractors has been doing work for residential homes for many years. Since Bill and his teams are always onsite, creating quotes and follow up can be time consuming. Often times, keeping his documents organized and searchable is difficult without resources dedicated for that task. Bill decided to start using Mosspaper to help him manage and organize his business better.

Let’s get started

After looking at a few contractors on yelp and Houzz, Mary Johnson decides to reach out to Golden Contractors. Mary and Bill scheduled a meeting to review the requirements. During the initial consultation, he was able to pinpoint a few challenges and conveyed his concerns to Mary. They were able to discuss a few time lines and designs.

Bill proceeds to get a quote created for Mary. To ensure he puts his best foot forward, he uses Mosspaper to ensure he wins the project. He wants to provide his customer with the ability to do e-signatures so it's easy to track and find.

He completes all the quote information in Mosspaper including his terms and conditions. He attaches some layout sketches for Mary to review. Once reviewed, Bill sends a Mosspaper to Mary who will receive an email with a link to the quote.

Once the quote is sent, Bill has visibility into whether the quote has been viewed and signed along with a status. Within Mosspaper, each quote has a status associated with it. Quote statuses change based on the stage of the quote in the sales cycle. It can be pending, expiring, approved, or rejected. Mosspaper makes it easy to drill down into the quote to get more details as to where the quote is in the workflow as well.

A customer’s perspective

Mary receives an email in her inbox. She clicks on a secure URL email link to review her quote created by Golden Contractors. She is able to approve, reject or comment directly on the quote.

As Mary reviews the quote, she wanted Bill to include in the dimensions of the bathroom and the type of granite titles she had picked out. She writes her concerns directly on the quote in the comment box. Bill receives an email alert regarding her request. With the comment box on the quote, communication regarding a particular project is well documented and clear.

Bill goes into the original quote and makes revisions to it. He resends it back to Mary for her review. She is happy with the quote and proceeds to approve the quote. A pop up window prompts her to fill in her full name, email and digital signature. With the signature signed electronically, she agrees with all the terms and conditions set forth in the quote. Once approved, an order confirmation is sent to Bill with a copy of the signed quote.

Mary provides a deposit with her credit card. All payments are tracked on each quote and provide a way for Bill to easily review outstanding balance for each client. For simple follow up, he uses Mosspaper to send out payment requests with specific due dates so ensure payment for all his projects.

The Beauty of Mosspaper

Bill receives email notifications when a customer has viewed, approved and signed a quote. He can simply go to the quote or a link on the email notification to review an approved quote. With each approved quote, there is a signature at the bottom of the page.

In addition, Mosspaper logs in the history of the quote. Details such as when it was created, edited, saved, confirmed, sent, viewed, signed and approved are all available. At any moment, you can view the history to know where the quote is in the workflow or obtain insight about the customer's buying decision.

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