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Mosspaper for Kitchen Remodel. Mosspaper helps you Create, Sign, Track, and Accept Quotes & Contracts.

Use Case for 
Kitchen Remodels

Centralized Communication

Quote and Contract Management

Remodeling Kitchen

Jeff wanted to remodel his kitchen to provide a living comfortable space for his family. He wanted to work with a company that will help him design the space, obtain material for the cabinetry, and implement the new design.  He wants to ensure the remodeling project is timely, within budget, and based off the agreed design.

BB Builder is a full-service custom home improvement renovation contractor who provides quality design and planning, specification, building, installation, remodeling, and refinishing homes. It's important for the owner, Frank to have control over the sales cycle to ensure all his customer's requirements are properly documented. He uses Mosspaper to create, send and request payment on all his projects.

The Challenge

Jeff’s friends recommended he speak with BB builder to get an assessment. Jeff schedules a time to meet with Frank. After the initial walk through, Frank told Jeff his concerns regarding the main wall to the family room. They reviewed the overall requirements, timeline, and design ideas. Upon the initial meeting, Frank needed some time to sketch out all the design requirements.

It's important that the quote includes the raw material (cabinets, etc) with the labor and services being provided. Mosspaper's quote creator allows Frank flexibility, as he is able to import his price list to ensure consistency across all quotes and contracts being sent out to his clients. In addition, he can simply include all his service and maintenance charges all in one view with terms and notes so his customer understands the payment schedule and options.

The design sketches are attached to the quote to ensure a more centralized area for Frank's quotes as he feels it's important to have all documentation easily accessible. The quote is confirmed in Mosspaper and sent to the customer for their review.

It’s in the details

As Jeff reviews the quote, he realizes that Frank have the measurement of the kitchen incorrect. He was also interested in having a lighter marble kitchen island top. He is able to comment directly on the quote. Upon adding the comment, an email is sent to Frank for his immediate review.

With a centralized area for communication, the conservations between Jeff and Frank are preserved in Mosspaper so there is less room for ambiguity. Frank was able to provide Frank some links to manufacturers he feels would have the color Jeff wanted. Upon review of the kitchen samples, Jeff provides Frank the model number and name of the color.

When Frank receives the email notification, he is able to go into the original quote and make the appropriate changes. He is able to refer to Jeff’s comments without going through his inbox and skimming through a ton of email threads. With comment being logged conveniently on the quote, the information is much more organized.

Once a quote is edited, it is directly sent out by Mosspaper and tracked.

Mosspaper tracks and provides status updates. So Frank knows when someone has viewed, commented, rejected, or approved his file. With alerts and notifications, it allows Frank to stay on top of his work throughout his busy day. This information is also available to his team for them to review and reference to. Mosspaper is a centralized area for all business information related for each project.

After looking at the revised quote, Jeff electronically signs and approves the quote on their exact requirements. A pop up box prompts Jeff for a deposit where he can easily pay Frank for his services. The payment information is tracked directly on the quote.

Upon receiving the deposit, the final quote with design sketches are given to the contractors to build out and complete for the customer in the timeline set forth in the quote. Frank moves forward to converts the signed quote into a contract, which binds their agreement. He includes in additional details for the terms and sends the contract to have it signed by Jeff. Once the contract is finalized, an email is sent to Jeff for his review.

Jeff reviews and signs the contract electronically. The signed contract is now visible to Frank’s team as an “approved” quote and contract. Frank's team of builder may lose the contract or sketch drawings onsite, but with the information being available 247, his team can easily access the information online to ensure the customers is happy with the final deliverable.

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