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Cameras are Rolling

Ryan is creating his first movie to be submitted into the Sundance Film festival. He has written and produced many short films, but never a production to this magnitude with a great writer and friend, Paulo. They were able to get funding for their idea and story.

After months of filming, it’s ready to be reviewed and edited. Ryan and Paulo had some disagreements with their current video editor. They started looking for a new person with more experience to help meet their deadline.

Jamie has been a video editor for many years working at local television network in New York and has decided to re-locate to the SF bay area to be closer to her family. Upon coming here, she was planning to do some side projects before looking for full time position.

One night, she decided to join some friends at an independent film screening and met Ryan and Paulo. They started talking more about film and how they viewed cinematography. It seems they all had similar views on how to illustrate their ideas. Ryan decided to take this opportunity to ask Jamie to come into their studio to help them edit their movie.

After meeting Ryan and Paulo, Jamie got her resume ready and submitted her portfolio. Upon meeting them, she drafted up a quote to be sent with Ryan and Paulo so they understand her terms as an independent contractor. She uses Mosspaper to help her facilitate this process. In addition, she likes how

all her contacts were easily imported into the platform and accessible in one centralized area while providing her visibility into customer transactions.

Within a few minutes, Jamie was able to create a quote with a more professional touch. Mosspaper has a built-in template so she can easily organize her quote information so she does not leave out any details. She includes her terms and conditions as well as a statement of work as an attachment to the quote. She confirms the quote and it was sent to Ryan for his approval.

Time is of the utmost importance

Ryan reviewed the quote and signed the quote electronically. Jamie was ready to get started on editing the video in the studio. With much back and forth with Ryan and Paulo's artistic differences, Jamie was editing and revising the video with many reiterations.

After 2 weeks that was what Jamie had originally accounted for in her quote, she told Ryan and Paulo that in order for her to continue working they would need to pay for additional time. Ryan and Paulo were first taken back by the request. Jamie shows them the terms and conditions in the quote that clearly states the hours the quote covered and any additional time will be billed accordingly. In addition, the terms and conditions stated that they would need to pay her for the work she has done so far.

Ryan and Paulo were upset that the cost is a lot higher than they thought it would be. Although, they could not disagree with the information being shown as it clearly stated the hours and payment schedule in the quote with a signed quote by Ryan. Mosspaper's quote history showed an audit trial that shows when the quote was created, confirmed, viewed, approved, and signed with the associated email addresses.

Created Confirmed Viewed Approved Signed

Ryan and Paulo asked Jamie to provide them another quote and paid her for the 2 weeks worth of work. Jamie resumed working on the film again on Monday. She was able to finish editing the film in the time allocated as it seem Ryan and Paulo were able to collaborate a bit more.

They were all able to submit the movie into the Sundance Film festival in a timely manner. Jamie was paid and happy the use of Mosspaper helped to protect her business while organizing her documentation and capturing her customer requirements. Ryan and Paulo's movie was a running contender at Sundance and was viewed by over 200,000 people.

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